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Ceramic Artist and Educator

I am a ceramic artist, studio manager, and ceramics instructor.

I draw inspiration from forms found in nature. 


I have spent much of my adult life teaching science and art to children in museum and studio settings. I love the endless energy from young humans, their beginners mindset and how eager they are to figure out how and why things work. 

   I studied neuropsychology as an undergrad and conducted research on human and animal behavior. I have also had the pleasure of working as a biology technician for aquatic animal exhibits at the Exploratorium, bringing me once again up close and personal with the animal world in a scientific setting. After enrolling in community college classes for sculpture and ceramics, I fell in love with clay because of its wonderful malleability, the immediacy with which I can execute ideas in a three dimensional form, and clay's endless avenues of exploration during the working process. 



  • Drawing Room -Feb 22-March 26, 2024 SF, CA

  • Arc Gallery - Feb 23-May 2024 SF, CA

  • Hunt and Gather - March 22- May 2024

  • Santa Cruz Natural History Museum - March 22-May 2024

  • JCC - Jan 18-June 2024 SF, CA

  • Randall Museum - June 2023-Present


  • Blackbird Books -Nov 2023 SF, CA

  • Arc Gallery - Nov-Dec 2023, SF, CA

  • Drawing Room - Sept-Oct 2023, SF, CA

  • Arc Gallery - June-Aug 2023, SF, CA

  • Randall Museum- June 2023-Present SF, CA

  • (415) Public Gallery- April 2023, SF, CA


  • Drawing Room Gallery Show, SF, CA: Land

  • Drawing Room Gallery Show, SF, CA: Sea

  • Open Studios at Sunset Communal Arts SF, CA 

  • Clement St. Art Walk, SF, CA


  • Pottery Northwest Community Showcase- Highlighted Artist in Seattle, WA


  • Exploratorium Art Show in San Francisco, CA

  • SF City College Student Show in San Francisco, CA


  • Exploratorium Art Show in San Francisco, CA

  • SF City College Student Show in San Francisco, CA


  • SF City College Student Show in San Francisco, CA

Education & Clay Experience


  • Studio Manager and Ceramics Instructor at Sunset Clay House in San Francisco, CA


  • Ceramics Instructor and studio tech at Pottery Northwest in Seattle, Wa.


  • Ceramics Instructor and Technician at Artillery Ceramics in San Francisco, CA.

  • Ceramics Instructor at Creative Canopy in San Francisco, CA.


  • Community College of San Francisco

  • Art Department: Ceramics and Sculpture


  • BS at Cal Poly Technic State University

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